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Mogul is a show about hip hop’s most iconic moments, told by the people who lived them. Hosted by Brandon Jenkins.

In Season 3, we’re telling the story of DJ Screw, a reclusive genius who changed the sound of music forever. An auteur who created his own genre — Chopped and Screwed — Screw slowed music down until it sounded like syrup coming out of your speakers. It quickly became the soundtrack to the city of Houston, before influencing an entire generation of rappers. But the man behind the beats was a mystery to all but his closest collaborators, and to this day remains one of hip-hop’s greatest enigmas.

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Part 1: Screw Up the WorldThe DJ Screw origin story. His musical odyssey begins in small-town Smithville where he’s inspired by New York hip hop, boomboxes, and an extremely corny movie about breakdancers. A move to Houston expands Screw’s horizons, and he begins the metamorphosis from amateur DJ to auteur.
Part 2: Instant GumboDJ Screw takes Houston. But before he does, he'll need to invent an entire genre, assemble a crew, and acquire a blue Chevy Impala.
Part 3: June 27thWe go inside the making of DJ Screw’s greatest mixtape: The June 27th tape. It’s the story of a magical night inside the wood room when everything came together just right. The beats, the drugs, and a historic lineup of some of the Screwed Up Clicks most iconic members.
Part 4: Big FloydHundreds of people rapped on DJ Screw’s mixtapes, but there’s one name that everyone remembers: Big Floyd. But you know him better as George Floyd. On this week’s episode of Mogul, rapper Cal Wayne tells us his story.
Part 5: I Never Saw Him RestAfter making $27,000 selling mixtapes in just one night, DJ Screw decides to open his own store. But the top of the game is a lonely place to be, and things get darker behind the register.
NOTE: In this episode, we talk about addiction. Please take caution in listening to the show. If you’re struggling with drug misuse and want to get help, call SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
Part 6: You Can't Rush PerfectionDJ Screw’s rise ends in tragedy. But the sound he created just keeps spreading, from stereos to streaming, screwing up the world on its way up.